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Menu Alexandros Taverna Roda Beach

Starters - Soups - Salads - Mezes (for 2 persons)


*Pita bread

*Bread and butter

*Garlic bread

*Garlic bread ''Alexandros''

*Feta cheese

*Feta in the oven

*Spicy cheese dip


*Giant beans ''Gigantes''

*Garlic sauce ''taramosalata''



*Fried peppers

*Fried aubergines

*Stuffed peppers with feta cheese

*Stuffed vine leaves

*Garlic mushrooms

*Fried courgettes

*Mussels saganaki

*Prawns saganaki

*Prawns cocktails

*Prawans tika masala

*Garlic shrimps


*Fish soup

*Chicken soup

*Tomato soup

*Vegetarian soup


*Alexandros salad (Lettuce, tomato, cmcumber, beetroot, pineapple, garlic dip)

*Greek salad (Tomato, white cabbage, cucumber, onion, peppers, olives, feta cheese, oregano)

*Rocket salad (Rocket, lettuce, thin sliced raw mushrooms, topped with parmesan, balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing)

*Tune salad (Tuna, peppers, onions, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise)

*Prawn salad (Whole king prawns, rocket, lettuce, cucumber, onions, tomato)

*M.P. salad (Salad with prawns and mussels)

*Fruit salad with ice cream

Mezes (For 2 persons)

*For welcome (''Kalamon'' olives, cheese dip, baby peppers, balsamiko vinegar, olive oil, Greek fresh crusty bread)

*Alexandros mixed meze (Tzatziki, feta cheese, fried peppers, tomato, rural-style sausage, raw carrot, olives)

*Spicy meze (Spetsofai, salami, spicy bites, cucumber, garlic sauce, peppers)

*Sea food meze (Squid, octopus, white bait, king prawns)

*Vegetarian meze (Feta cheese, friedaubergines, fried peppers, tzatziki, olives)

*Mixed grill meze (Pork kebab, home made beef burger, kebab, rural-style sausage, pork chop, chicken filet)



Menu Alexandros Taverna Roda Beach

3 Course For € 18,00

Greek Menu


Fried peppers

Greek salad

Stuffed pepper ''kerato''

''Alexandros'' garlic bread

Main Course:

Souvlaki pork / Chicken







Lemon pie

Choco cake

Ice cream


3 Course for € 22,00

Fish Menu



Prawns cocktail

Prawns saganaki

Garlic shrimps

Mussels on the grill

Main Course:

Sea bream

Sea bass

King prawns

Salmon in lemon

Pasta with mussels & shrimps




Lemon pie

Choco cake

Ice cream

Sea food


+ 1 Glass of ''bio'' wine or 1 draught Beer



Greek Specialities - On the grill - Fish - Chicken

Greek Specialities

*Portion of gyros

*Alexandros Greek chicken (Chicken cooked in the oven in lemon and oregano sauce)

*Sofrito (Traditional Corfiot dish. Thinly sliced beef cooked slowly in garlic and white wine sauce)

*Pastitada ( Chuncks of beef slowly cooked in tomato sauce, served with hollowed spaghetti)

*Stifado (Tender chuncks of beef cooked with lots of shallots in a sweet aromatic red wine sauce)

*Kokkinisto (Succulent chuncks of beef coooked in red wine and tomato sauce)

*Corfiot roast beef (Thinly sliced, very tender beef cooked slowly in white wine sauce)

*Pastitsio (Layers of hollwed greek pasta and flavoured minced meat topped with a creamy bechamel sauce)

*Mousaka (Layers of potato, aubergines and flavoured minced meat topped with a bechamel sauce)

*Kleftiko (Seasoned lamb and vegatables cooked slowly together in a bag, in order to develop and retain the flavours of their own juices)

*Gemista (Stuffed tomatoes and peppers with flavoured rice and minced meat cooked in the oven)

*Patutsaki (Stuffed aubergines with minced meat, Greek cheese, onions, peppers cooked in the oven and topped with bechamel sauce)

*Fasolakia (Tasty green beans and potatoes cooked in a light tomato red sauce)

*Briam (Tasty Greek mixed vegatables cooked slowly in a garlic, herb, olive oil and tomato sauce)

*Soutzoukakia (Home made meat balls cooked in red sauce, served with rice or spaghetti)

*Chicken pastitsada (Chuncks of chicken slowly cooked in tomato sauce, served with hollowe spaghetti)

*Gastra (Chicken with orzo pasta in light tomato sauce)

*Skordato (Chicken with roast potatoes in garlic sauce)

*Mousakas vegatarian (Layers of potato, aubergines and flavoured minced meat topped with a bechamel sauce)



*Lobster (kilo)

*Cod and skordalia



*Sea bass

*Sea bream

*Salmon in lemon sauce

*Salmon grilled

*Mussels with garlic sauce

*Mussels saganaki

*Mussels on the grill






*Prawn saganaki

*Garlic prawns

*Swordfish steak

*King prawns


*Mixed seafood platter (Squid, white bait, gavros, king prawns, octopus, mussels)

On the Grill

*Alexandros steak

*Gamon steak

*T-Bone steak

*Fillet steak

*Sirloin steak

*Fillet with ouzo and caramelised onions

*Fillet with green peppercorn sauce

*Fillet with cream and mushrooms

*Fillet with cream and feta cheese

*Fillet with garlic and white wine sauce

*Lamp chops

*Chicken souvlaki

*Lamb souvlaki

*Beef souvlaki

*Pork souflaki


*Alexandros Greek chicken

*Chicken fillet

*Chicken in ouzo

*Chicken in metaxa

*Chicken in peppercorn sauce

*Chicken in mushroom sauce

*Chicken in BBQ sauce

*Chicken in garlic sauce (and white wine sauce)

*Chicken in feta sauce (and creamy sauce)

*Chicken in chili sauce

*Chicken Tika Masala

*Chicken Korma

*Chicken Madras


Pizza - Pasta - Children Menu - Burgers and chips - Breakfast and Snacks


*Alexandros special mix

*Mushrooms and pine apple

*Mozzarella, tomato, basil and olives

*Cheese and ham


*Tuna and sweetcorn

*Vegetarian mix

Burgers + chips


*Double hamburger

*Chicken burger

*Double chicken burger

*Vegetarian burger


*Penne Alexandros (Penne in creamy white wine sauce with chicken, carrots, peas, cheese, oregano, fresh mint)

*Penne in Garlic (And white wine sauce)

*Pasta Mussels (Mussels in light tomato sauce with garlic, carrots, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, olive oil)

*Pasta with prawns

*Pasta shells (Pasta with mussels and shrimps)

*Spaghetti Bolognese

*Spaghetti Carbonara

*Spaghetti Napolitan


*Vegetarian lasagne


*Vegetarian cannelloni

Children Menu

*Souvlaki and chips

*Beans on toast

*Fish fingers and chips

*Scampi and chips

*Spaghetti Napoltan

*Spaghetti Bol

*Hamburger and chips

*Hotdog and chips

*Mixed pizza

*Cheese and tomato pizza

*Chicken nuggets and chips

*Chicken filet and chips

*Sausage, mash potatoes and beans

Sausage, mash potatoes and gravy

(With every children menu one icecream included)


Breakfast and Snacks


*Full English breakfast (Grilled English bacon, two eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, two slices of toast, butter and jam)

*Alexandraos breakfast (Bacon, sausage, one egg, button mushrooms, baked beans, two slices of toast, butter and jam)

*Vegetarian breakfast (Free range eggs, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, baked beans, button mushrooms, two slices of toast, butter and jam)

*Beans on toast (Thickly buttered toast served with lashings of baked beans)

*Egg and bacon buttie (Two eggs and bacon fried on fresh Greek bread from our local baker)

*Plain omelette

*Mixed omelette ( Cheese, tomato, bacon, onion and ham. served with chips and salad)


Price for 2 fillings


*Baquette melted


*Panini melted

*Jacket potato

*Toasted sandwich

Choose your 2 fillings from:

Ham, bacon, sausage, turkey, egg, tuna, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, mushrooms, baked beans, coleslaw, feta cheese, Gouda cheese, Edam cheese, spicy cheese, tzatziki, mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise, tuna mayonnaise, sweet corn, Bolognese sauce.


Alexandros Taverna in the Village

49081 Beach road

Roda Villages , Corfu, Greece

Tel: +30 26630 63771

Alexandros Taverna on the Beach

49081 Roda Beach

Roda, Corfu, Greece

Tel: +30 26630 64825 (693 7928 736)

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